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2014 – Chemical Demin and Cooling Tower Plant Supply PLTGU Keramasan 2x 40 MW

Chemical Technical Support Supply
Client : PT. PT PLN (Persero) Pembangkitan Sumbagsel Sektor Pembangkitan Keramasan

2013 – 2014 Mechanical Procurement and Installation Pertamina EP ASSET 1

  • Transfer Pump Terminal
  • VSD and Flow Meter units for Booster Japura
  • Control Valve PMT EOR – Jambi Field
  • Transfer Unit Pump and Recovery Unit Pump
  • Procurement and Installation

Client : PT. Pertamina EP - Asset 1

2012 – Mechanical And Electrical Procurement and Installation of Equipment Pertamina EP

  • Transfer Pump Terminal
  • Flat Cable 60P
  • Transfer Pump C/W Elmot capacity 225 GPM
  • Client : PT. Pertamina EP

2012 – Skid VSD Step -Up Transformer (NEMA 4) and Junction Box with Flat Cable 60P

Client : PT. Pertamina EP Unit Bisnis LIMAU

2012 – Solar Part Supply

Equipment Part Supply and Installation
Client : PT Pertamina - Petrochina Salawati

2012 – CNG Plant for PLN Peak Load, Jakabaring – Sumatra

Control Panel / PLC and Monitoring System
Client : PPDE – ZIP Hyosung

2011 - Leakage Control System for Secondary Air Heater Project

Supply and Installation
Client : PT. PJB

2011 - CNG Mother Station

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation Panel / PLC Monitoring system
Client: PT. Granary Global Energy – Mojokerto, East Java

2009 - SCADA and Process Control System (PCS )

Oil and Gas Monitoring and Control Facilities

Client : PT. Laut Djawa Makmur Sejati – Banyu Urip, Bojonegoro CEPU

2009 - SCADA and Process Control System ( PCS )

ICCS - Jabung Gas Compressor / Booster Project
Client : PT. Trans Gas Indonesia – Jabung ( PGN Subsidary )

2009 - Diesel Engine Power Generator 250KVA 220 380VAC 50Hz 1500Rpm

3Phase 145 Stroke and Sincro Panel  630A
Client : Citic Seram Ltd

2007 – 2009 - Instrument and Control System

Retrofit DCS System  - Ombilin Steam Power Plant RETROFIT Project - Ombilin Sawah Lunto, Padang Indonesia
Client : PT. Melanton Pratama

2008 - Instrument and Control System

OnShore Processing Facility and Gas Sales Pipeline System – HMI Ujung Pangkah
Client : HESS – Ujung Pangkah Limited

2007 – 2008 - Instrument and Control System

PCS System For Jabung Gas Booster Station Project 
Client : One Connect International Pte Ltd
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